About Us

Hi, and welcome to my website. I'm Jonathan Carr and I began designing and building websites some 13 years back. In reality I'm actually a scaffolder by trade, and so the move to building websites was relatively significant, even so I fell into it successfully and nowadays it simply seems to be "what I do". Actually I've found it a fascinating challenge, brainstorming strategies and applying them, sometimes trying to earn a little bit of revenue from it other times just doing it for the fun of it. This particular site is a little of both.

I'm not sure in regards to you, but I have definitely gotten weary of incessant advertising and promotions pushed in my face on websites, endless pop-up windows offering up things I would not want and newsletters I will not read, and needing to join or login to do anything whatsoever on most current websites, meaning my email is going to get the crap spammed out of it and I am going to spend my precious time day after day eradicating all this garbage. I would wager you feel the same way don't you? With luck you'll not feel that way having visited my website.

Well, whilst you will get several adverts on my site, it isn't jammed down your throat, you do not have to put up with any pop-up windows, you won't be required to join or login and you will never ever get any spammy newsletters or emails. This site isn't dynamic hence stuff won't move about or take ages to load.

I'm not a drain specialist myself therefore I would prefer that you don't contact me with any questions related to drains or to obtain job quotes for drain unblocking work, this website was designed to tell you about some of the various ways to get a reliable drain specialist yourself.

I don't recommend or endorse any particular service, I have simply given you some methods of finding one, the decision is in the end down to you.

I expect to to welcome you here again in the future and cheers again for visiting.